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Cryotherapy San Diego, CA – Cold Therapy and Cryo Slimming

GoCryo Cryotherapy San Diego’s Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a cutting-edge innovation using hyper-cool temperatures to stimulate powerful physiological responses and trigger the body’s natural healing processes in a therapeutic manner. These remedies include accelerating healing in soft tissue and joints, reducing inflammation and pain, and boosting your metabolism inside our cryo chamber which immediately lowers your body’s temperature (without freezing it) through the application of instant cold therapy using nitrogen gas. Cryotherapy offers fitness, wellness and beauty benefits to individuals striving to improve their overall well-being by feeling, looking and performing better everyday. Explore the science and process behind cryotherapy cold therapy today. ‘Awesome!’ is often a response that we hear from our Cryo clients as they exit the cooling chamber.  We also offer cryo facials, compression therapy, cryo toning and cryo slimming similar to coolsculpting.


GoCryo is great for team parties, club outings, corporate safety & wellness, or tournaments. Please email for pricing and more information. Book GoCryo today!