Feeling Stressed – Cryotherapy Helps to Reduce Stress Levels

It’s getting towards the busy end of the year and the extra demands on our time can interfere with our healthy routines and increase our levels of stress. There are some simple stress relieving ideas that we can try, like exercise. It’s a good way of reducing stress because when endorphins are released, our mood is elevated and it helps us think more clearly.

Some people are great at maintaining their exercise regimes all year round, while for others it’s the sunshine and warmer weather that gets us back at the pool, the gym, yoga class or hitting the pavement. The problem is that aches and pains from underworked muscles or unhealed injuries can make the transition back into exercise a bit of a challenge.

Cryotherapy Treatment For Stress Relief

Whole body cryotherapy (CRYO) can help with that return to a more active lifestyle. CRYO has a holistic benefit that supports muscle and joint recovery and promotes the release of endorphins and serotonin to improve our moods and sharpen our cognitive functions. CRYO has also been recognised as having a positive, therapeutic effect on the body’s central nervous system, helping to relieve the impact of stress on the body.

CRYO sessions are beneficial when included as part of a balanced health and wellbeing routine and can aid muscle recovery and repair, motion and flexibility, stress relief and weight loss. When combined with a nutritious, healthy diet and exercise, CRYO can burn between 2000−3300 kilojoules per session and help get your body into great shape for summer.


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