The 3 Phases of Whole Body Cryotherapy


2-3 minutes in a Cryo Chamber at -240° F results in a vaso-constriction effect of the blood vessels in the skin surface and muscles. This forces blood away from the peripheral tissues and into the core of the body where it circulates through all of the major organs.

This process triggers a heightened state of toxin removal and anti-inflammation as the body’s natural filtration systems work in overdrive and its “emergency survival mode” systems are called into action.


After exiting the Cryo Chamber, the filtered, nutrient-rich, highly oxygenated blood flows back to out the peripheral tissues where it warms and reinvigorates the skin and muscles.


Over the next 48 hours, restoration and recovery occur at at very high level and your body burns up to 800 additional calories. This is when your body does its magic, reducing pain & inflammation, increasing vitality, and shortening recovery times.

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